roadbag® - unpacked

roadbag® weighs 46 grams, measures 12 x 28 centimeters (4 ¾ x 11 inches) and is delivered folded in a pocket-sized package measuring 7 x 12 centimeters (3 ¼ x 4 ¾ inches). The diameter of the ring is 5.5 centimeters (2 ¼ inches).

The roadbag® secret
– super-absorbers

can absorb up to 1.000 millilitres of urineit does not spill

Under the interior lining roadbag® contains super-absorbers (polymer crystals) that absorb up to 1,000 millilitres (nearly 34 ounces) of urine and solidify it into a firm gel - without skin contact. roadbag® is clean, dry, hygienic and odourless. No dripping, no spills - no worries.

The average volume of urine released is just 300 to 500 ml. So you can use roadbag® - the portable urinal for men - with confidence. It's the ideal disposable urinal, the indispensable emergency toilet!

After use seal roadbag® using the adhesive strip and dispose of it in the nearest waste receptacle - it's that simple.

Please do not use roadbag® while driving! Children should use the roadbag® under adult supervision. Do not swallow the super-absorbent crystals. May be stored indefinitely in a cool, dry place.